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Who we are - Council for Education in the Commonwealth

The Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC), a parliament based NGO, was founded over 50 years ago, at the time of the first Commonwealth Education Ministers' Conference.

Its purpose is to create an informed public opinion on the salient issues concerning education and training in the Commonwealth and to identify appropriate ways in which Britain and the European Union can best contribute to their development.

The aims of CEC are to:

  • provide a forum where Members of Parliament and others with an interest in the Commonwealth can exchange information and views
  • initiate action to foster educational cooperation and the sharing of experience among countries and governments of the Commonwealth
  • offer to informed and experienced persons from the UK and other Commonwealth countries a platform for the discussion of educational issues and developments
  • liaise with the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth High Commissions, and cooperate with government departments in the UK and in the European Union, and with NGOs and professional bodies in the field, for the improvement and development of education throughout the Commonwealth

Governing Board Members

The membership of the Governing Board are listed below:


Joint Parliamentary Chairpersons