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Dr Alba De Souza

Dr Alba de Souza

Born in Kenya, Alba started her career as an A-Level teacher in Economics. After completing her Master's in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, she worked for the Kenya Government in the Ministry of Education as Deputy Head of the Planning and Development Department for 14 years.

Alba also did an Advanced Planning Degree at UNESCO's International Institute of Educational Planning in Paris. On completing her Ph D. in the Economics of Education at Stanford University's School of Education, she came to live in London and worked as a consultant in education for the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

From 2006-2012, Alba's work at the UK National Commission for UNESCO involved implementing the UK’s priorities in education and training at UNESCO; organising various international and national seminars/conferences/colloquia. She brought international experts together to critically examine policy processes and good practice on topical issues in education and training.  She worked on education for international development, unpacking current concerns, particularly in raising quality and increasing quantitative expansion to meet the then Millennium Development Goals of Education for All.  She has worked with multi-lateral and bi-lateral aid agencies, NGOs and INGO’s as well as Faith Based and Community Based organisations to meet these goals.

Alba worked with UNESCO/ IIEP on education for Nomadic Peoples in six Eastern African countries, and together with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth of Learning, organised a landmark Seminar on ‘Educating Nomadic & Pastoralist Children’. Her work also included the provision of education to the marginalised children in rural and slum areas in ten African countries, funded by the World Food Programme and AfDB.

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