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Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe (The Lady Tunnicliffe)

Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe (The Lady Tunnicliffe)

An expert on children learning about animals, plants, and early years STEM, and ‘voice’ of learners of all ages. Dr Tunnicliffe has published widely. She graduated in zoology from Westfield College, University of London, and has specialised in education, a qualified teacher, she has taught at all ages from the early years to university and been an OFSTED inspector.

She holds a PhD from King’s College, London, and is Reader in Science Education at UCL IOE. She set up and ran an advisory team in primary science and design and technology for an Education Authority, was Head of Education at the Zoological Society of London, and worked part-time as a cultural museum science adviser and education officer at the BBC. She has taught at Cambridge and Winchester Universities. She supervises PhD, D Ed, and Masters degree students. She received the NSTA’s Faraday Award for Science Communication (USA) in 2016, the first foreigner,and The Rajiv Ghandi Scince Centre, Mauritius award for services to science education. She fervently believes in the role of natural history dioramas as essential tools in developing particularly biological capital as well as the importance in learning of listening to the learner.

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