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Ruth Dorrell

Ruth Dorrell

Ruth is an Education Specialist, Consultant, and experienced Charity professional with over 12 years experience in the sector. With a Masters in African Studies from the University of Oxford, Ruth is passionate about the advancement of education and opportunities for young people with a particular focus on the African Continent. She has focused her attention most recently on teacher development, championing teacher-led initiatives and promoting digital options for delivering high-quality and relevant professional development opportunities for Teachers.

Over 7 years she led and developed the Warwick in Africa Programme at the University of Warwick, working in partnership with education professionals in Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania. Her current work is focussed on addressing access issues for young people to gain a quality education and developing scalable teacher professional development solutions that are contextually appropriate.

Ruth believes in the power of connecting people who are passionate about learning and how connections can lead to opportunities for learning and growth for all involved.

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