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Quarterly Westminster Forum

Educating Nomadic & Pastoralist Children - where are we now?

Date: 4 May 2016   Time: 18:00 to 20:00   Venue: Palace of Westminster

Providing education to nomadic communities is one of the most challenging and urgent issues facing education policy makers and practitioners. Nomads constitute about six percent of the total population in Africa and are found in at least twenty African countries.

If the 2016 Commonwealth theme on inclusive education, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to insure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning and opportunities for all is to be achieved, more interventions designed to increase education opportunities for nomadic communities are required.

National statistics indicate that education provision is failing to reach nomadic communities. Failure to reach these marginalised communities has denied many children and adults of their right to education.  With the effects of the global economic crisis still being felt, there is a real danger that much of the progress of the past ten years will stall. Education is at risk, and countries must develop more inclusive approaches to overcome inequalities.

This Forum will address the current status and discuss new ways to include nomadic children and adults into education, adult literacy and training.


Fatimah Kelleher - Council for Education in the Commonwealth & International Social Development Consultant, engaged in equalities and women’s rights activism, and a Senior Associate of WISE Development

Dr Alba de Souza, is a member of CEC and currently a consultant in education for international development. Born in Kenya, she worked with the Ministry of Education, Kenya, World Bank and the UK National Commission for UNESCO. She has worked on various education issues – ‘education for nomads’; ‘teaching the most disadvantaged’; ‘the provision of education during emergencies & the provision of education for reconstruction’.


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