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Hurricane Irma Appeal - Education Back in Action

Council for Education in the Commonwealth is launching an appeal to get children back to school in the Commonwealth Caribbean countries affected by Irma.

Many children across the Commonwealth have been preparing to return to school this week, but for those in the Caribbean, they have instead faced unprecedented destruction caused by the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.

Hurricane Irma has torn through north-eastern parts of the Caribbean with winds of up to 185 mph, killing 27 people, and leaving thousands of people homeless. Barbuda and Antigua have been particularly badly affected with 90-98% of Barbuda’s infrastructure having been totally destroyed. Anguila and the Britsh Virgin Islands have also suffered massively.

We, The Council for Education in the Commonwealth, are focusing on the need for long term recovery to rebuild schools and provide replacement resources for what has been brutally taken by Hurricane Irma. With parts of the Caribbean now being described as uninhabitable, it is critical to respond immediately.

The CEC ask for your help as we raise the desperately needed finance to help education to return to normal and provide the support and stability for those children who have lost everything. 

Please, donate what you can to help the long term recovery of education in the Caribbean.  Click HERE to give generously. 

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