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Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland confirmed as key-note speaker

Just a few weeks away from the CEC Annual Conference to be held for the first time in memory outside of London. Our hosts in Namibia, the University of Namibia (UNAM), have organised a splendid programme over the period 27th – 31st August and some 230 delegates are expected to join with Baroness Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Dr Joanna Newman, the Secretary General and CEO of the ACU, and colleagues from CEC to discuss the Conference Objectives:

To create mutual beneficiation between education, business and industry which may create alliances that promote innovation, enterprise and 21st century workplace skills - strengthen the bridge between schools, tertiary education and industry - explore the impact of social innovation and Entrepreneurial Eco-systems on education and society and - to explore the ever-increasing role of digital learning on access to quality teaching and learning.

With Keynote Speakers from Kenya, Nigeria and South Arica and Ministers from Namibia, CEC and UNAM are hoping for favourable outcomes that will enriched understanding of those aspects of education that : address innovation, students’ employability and entrepreneurship; enable a better understanding of the different links of education levels i.e. schools and tertiary; provide an effective understanding of the education impact on Knowledge Economy, and build on education ‘Best Practices’ from a variety of nations.

UNAM and CEC hope delegates will be enthused in coming to Windhoek to explore and play a part in identifying how the topics can be exploited for the future benefit of education and business in Africa and beyond.

Download the Conference Opening Ceremony HERE, and Daily Programme HERE and Registration Form HERE

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